We're passionate about one thing...
Building quality custom trailers.

Our mission is to build top-quality custom trailers with passion and craftsmanship, providing you with unmatched quality, innovation, and friendly customer service.

Why Choose Team Spirit Trailers

As a small, family-owned manufacturer, we've been building top-quality custom trailers since 2000. From 4ft. wide to a 52ft. double stacker, we have you covered with the perfect solution for your hauling needs. Our motto is simple: build quality custom trailers, and we've stuck to it faithfully for over two decades.

Quality Workmanship

What sets Team Spirit apart? Our passionate crew, remarkable workmanship, and old-world craftsmanship. Each trailer is handcrafted with precision, care, and dedication, and this shows in every screw and weld. We pay meticulous attention to detail, going above and beyond to craft a trailer you can depend on.

We Care

Customers love us for a reason. Our professional-grade standard and friendly, attentive service have left countless satisfied owners and dealers thrilled with their Team Spirit trailers. Being a family-owned business means we genuinely care about our customers, making sure every trailer is crafted with care and precision.

Satisfied Dealers & Owners

With our extensive dealer network spanning from Quebec to Texas, you can trust that Team Spirit Trailers is a name you can rely on across the United States and Canada.

We don't just build trailers; we build trust and long-lasting relationships. So, why wait? Choose Team Spirit and feel the joy of hauling with a trailer designed just for you!

Customization - Options - Accesories

At Team Spirit, we offer a wide selection of trailers, from cargo and utility to car haulers, race trailers, and more. Not only do we offer an array of standard options, but we also provide the freedom to customize your trailer to meet all your specific needs.

Ready to hit the road with the best in the business? Check out our collection today and find the perfect trailer that fits your needs like a glove. Team Spirit Trailers - where quality meets innovation.

Become A Team Spirit Dealer

Join our expanding network of high-quality dealers and partner with a trusted brand in the trailer industry. As a Team Spirit dealer, you'll have access to the best trailers on the market and the opportunity to grow your business alongside us. Don't miss out on this chance to offer your customers a top-of-the-line product while expanding your reach - apply now to become a part of the Team Spirit Trailers family!

Team Spirit Trailers Dealership